SHIMANO Deore Disc Brake Caliper BR-M6120


Type: D02S metal pad
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Shimano DEORE Group brake caliper BR-M6120 is equipped with four brake pistons that generate strong braking force in enduro races and home trails, the base material is made of aluminum, and the lever and straight type hose are connected. So you can bleed the brakes more easily.

What is the one-way bleeding adopted by Shimano's brake system in recent years?The hose path is optimized as simply as possible, the structure is such that no air bubbles remain in the brake caliper, and the brake can be bleeded cleanly and easily by bleeding air in combination with the funnel.


Series: DEORE Series M6100
Recommended operation: Enduro, All Mountain
Brake type: Flood control, 4 pistons
Oil type: Mineral oil
Hose: SM-BH90-SS (not included)
Caliper mount: Post mount
Piston: 4 pistons
Pad: D02S metal pad
Caliper structure: 2 pieces
Material: Aluminum
Hose connection method: Straight



--Ceramic 4-piston
--Recommended brake lever: BL-M6100
--Recommended brake rotors: SM-RT54, SM-RT56, SM-RT64, SM-RT66
--IS mount and PM non-direct mount can be used by using an adapter


―― 1 x Shimano Deore BR-M6120 Brake caliper
--1 pair x D02S metal brake pads
--2 x caliper bolt

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