SERFAS Woven Bar Tape

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Color: Aztec Magenta / Blue / Green / Orange
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WOVEN BAR TAPE by SERFAS, a motorcycle parts manufacturer in Arizona, USA.This is the only special select item in Japan that is only available at Circles.

Ultraromance / Ultraromance The bar tape, which is also known to be used by Benedict, who is familiar with the product, looks like a cotton bar tape at first glance, but the braided fabric is combined on the base of EVA foam, and the cotton bar tape is a ninja. It looks like a roll, but also has cushioning properties.

CRUST BIKEOrRIVENDELLIt goes well with modern tourers such as the one represented by, and dirt touring bikes, which have a slightly thicker tire volume and a wide drop bar.

It is good to wind it with the same color, or you can wind it so that the overlapping colors gradually shift. One of the pleasures is that the expression changes depending on how you wind it.

The texture changes as you use it, so why not try using it as if you were growing it to your liking?



EVA foam base
Easy to roll with double-sided tape
Includes silver bar end cap 
Length: 2000mm (one side)

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