SEARCH AND STATE S2-R Performance Bib Short


COLOR: Black

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The long-awaited green has been added to the standard bib shorts color variations!

Cycle apparel brand SAS / Search and State from New York

Using carefully selected fabrics, the "SAS" clothing produced in New York has a beautiful simple and sophisticated design, and achieves high quality in terms of functionality.

The S2-R updates the S1-S riding bib shorts in several places, making them bib shorts made from the same premium fabric.
The unusual parts are chamois, fit, and elastic leg patterns.
The chamois used in the S2-R is a pad that can withstand long distances, while improving performance and making the lower body move comfortably on the saddle. The central part is designed to fit the body better, and the straps have a new mesh construction and are lengthened for shoulder comfort.

"SAS" wear is exactly "ALL ROAD APPAREL" that does not limit the style that is supposed to be worn in all fields.

・ S --Waist 71-76cm
・ M --Waist 76-81cm
・ L --Waist 81-86cm
・ XL --Waist 86-91cm

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