SEARCH AND STATE 3/4 Bib Knickers With Pad


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It's safe to say that this product is a mix of performance and luxury. The padded bib nickers with a length of 3/4 are the best bibs I have ever worn. We are particular about shaping the panel and sew it slowly and carefully to eliminate extra seams, debris, and potential weaknesses. You will know immediately when you wear it. There is no more comfortable bib.
Durable and compressible brushback power stretch knit is used for the body fabric to maintain comfort, appearance and warmth. It can be worn in autumn, winter, spring, and summer when the temperature is low. Like the S2-R bib shorts, the Nickers use Cytec's Endurance / Performance Pads for long rides comfortably. Of course, they are proudly made in their hometown of New York.


Color: Color: Black
Size: Size: S (chest circumference 87-92 cm, hips 92-97 cm, waist 72-77 cm)
M (chest circumference 92-97 cm, hips 97-102 cm, waist 77-82 cm)
L (chest circumference 97-102 cm, hips 102-107 cm, waist 82-87 cm)
XL (chest circumference 102-107 cm, hips 107-112 cm, waist 87-92 cm)
Material: Material: 100% polyester%

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