SEAL LINE Blocker Lite Dry Sack

SIZE: 2.5L
COLOR: Coral

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This dry sack is a block type and easy to store, and it is lightweight because it uses 20D nylon. By waterproofing the bag even if it rains suddenly, you don't have to worry about getting your luggage wet, and by packing the luggage in different colors, you can clearly see where and what you put. Whenever I go to the mountains or ride my bike, I always pack things I don't want to get wet in a dry sack so that it's okay to rain.

Besides mountaineering and bike packingIf you want to separate wet items from your luggage when playing in hot springs, rivers or the sea, you can put it in this dry sack so that you don't have to worry about other luggage getting wet.

Material: Reinforced 20D Nylon PU & Silicone Coating

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