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The Slava Wash Dry Check has everything you need, from washing to drying your clothes. The 2017 kit includes a new scrubber wash bag with an improved twisted air stopper.

T Everything you need to wash and dry your clothes while traveling is included in the set. Drain the water with an oversized scrubber towel, washed in the world's smallest washing machine, scrubber wash bag, and dry the laundry in scrubber laundry supplies. A slava hanger that grows in the sky is also included.

Slava wash / dry kit set contents

Scrubber Wash Bag-Green 2017

  • Can be washed anytime, anywhere
  • Machine-like wash in just 3 minutes
  • Uses a new twist valve to make it easier to get out of the sky
  • Only 142g
  • Folds into a pocket size

Scrubber packing cell

  • Convenient for storing clothes around items
  • Lightweight with transparent windows to see the contents
  • Zipper closure type that makes it easy to take out the contents
  • The size is 19cm x 19cm x 8cm

Scrubber Travel Tal

  • Large enough for dehydrating laundry washed in a scrubber wash bag or for the body after a beach or shower
  • Uses ultra-water-absorbent quick-drying microfiber that is soft to the touch
  • Large format 64 cm x 137 cm (25.2 "x 54")
  • Only 170g

Slava travel clothing line

  • You don't need clothespins to dry your laundry
  • The robot body can be hooked or attached with a suction cup
  • Length 1.5m (not stretched)

Slavan flareable cotton hanger

  • For clothes that you don't want to leave wrinkles when you dry or store
  • Light and compaq 32g each

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