SANTACRUZ Chameleon AL Frame Set 2021


Color: S
Size: Orange
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Santa Cruz Bicycles was released in 1993 in Santa Cruz, California.
A mountain bike maker born from a small garage in the Seabright Cannery.

Chameleon, a model that can be said to represent Santa Cruz, enjoys the trail and
And an aluminum hard tail for aggressive enjoyment.

The recommended travel for the front suspension is 120mm.

The rear end adopts the boost standard and the rear center can be changed by the adjuster. 
Furthermore, by exchanging the rear end, you can enjoy it as 27.5 plus, 29er or even single speed.

When using it as a plus bike, the rear wheel clearance is large, so swallow 27.5X3.0 plus tires as well.

A 1x system is recommended for the drive system, but a direct mount front derailleur can also be used.



headset  Because it is Integrated (IS41 / 52)CHRIS KING DropSet1Can be used
Seatpost diameter 31.9mm
Seat clamp diameter 36.4mm
BB shell width 73mm thread type
Corresponding tire size 29x2.5" / 27.5x3.0"
Rear end 148mm Boost standard / variable type supports single speed



29 "value for wheel / (value for 27.5" + in parentheses)

A reach 412mm (411mm) 437mm (436mm) 460mm (456mm) 487mm (486mm)
B stack 617mm (618mm) 617mm (618mm) 625mm (628mm) 626mm (637mm)
C Head tube angle 67.3° (67.1°) 67.3° (67.1°) 67.3° (67.1°) 67.3° (67.1°)
D Head tube length 390mm 420mm 450mm 490mm
AND Front Center 703mm (707mm) 728mm (732mm) 748mm (756mm) 782mm (790mm)
F BB height 315mm 315mm 315mm 315mm
G BB Drop 55mm (47mm) 55mm (47mm) 55mm (47mm) 55mm (47mm)
H Wheelbase 1115mm (1119mm) 1140mm (1144mm) 1160mm (1167mm) 1194mm (1201mm)
I Chain stay length 415-430mm 415-430mm 415-430mm 415-430mm
J Head tube length 100mm 100mm 110mm 120mm
K Top tube length 601mm (598mm) 626mm (623mm) 649mm (647mm) 682mm (680mm)
L Head tube angle 72.8° (72.6°) 72.8° (72.6°) 72.8° (72.6°) 72.8°(72.6°)
M Standover height 689mm (686mm) 696mm (702mm) 721mm (719mm) 740mm (738mm)


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