RINDOW Bullet Lighting


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COLOR: Black
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 This is a rechargeable LED light with a CNC machined aluminum villette body. Its simple and small size does not make any unnecessary assertion. It can be installed on any type of bicycle. It would be interesting to install it on a road bike, mini-velo, folding bike, or toddler bike!  Have you ever had trouble finding a position to install a large, bullet-shaped light when the basket is installed?  The handlebar position makes the handlebars look and feel heavy. The front basket is in the way and does not illuminate the front. If the light is mounted in front of the basket, the stay breaks under the weight of the light. Or, it hangs downwards. The space under the basket is too narrow to mount the light. Bullet Lighting can be installed in such a narrow space. It is a small light that is designed with total design in mind.

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