RINDOW Bullet Lighting

SIZE: Rear
COLOR: Black

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 It is a billet type body and LED rechargeable light by machined aluminum (CNC). The simple and small figure does not make an extra claim. Also, you can install any bicycle. It might be interesting to install it on the road, mini velo, folding bike, and toddler car! Have you ever had a problem with the mounting position of a large bullet-shaped light when installing a basket? At the handle position, the handle part looks heavy. The front basket is in the way and does not illuminate the front. When installed in front of the basket, the weight of the light broke the stay. Or it hangs down. The space under the basket is too small to fit. It can be installed in such a narrow space such as. It may be lonely if you only wear Bullet Lighting, but it does not interfere with the installation and does not interfere with the design of the bicycle and illuminates the front firmly. It is a small light considering the total design.

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