RINDOW Anti Slip Pedal


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"I want a pedal that doesn't damage the sole." This pedal was born from such a voice.
You can install it on small wheel bikes, steel bikes, and various bicycles while considering simplicity.

The main body is molded and machined from the mold. The bearing is a shield bearing.
Anti Slip Seat adopts 3M (made in usa). Blick Red with a vintage feel.
The gentle curve on the body fits the sole better. It also fits soft soles. You can experience a fit that is beyond your imagination.

color: Silver polish x Blick Red only
size: 80 x 70 x 20 (mm)
weight: 316g (left and right body only)
axle: Cr-mo bearing sealed
* With reflector
* Durability: 2-3 years with 1000-2000 people passing daily (from 3M company data)

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