RETROTEC Twin-Top 29er ATB / Rosy Darts 470


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Retrotech Cycles, which has a studio in Napa, California, is based on the cruiser style that can be said to be the representative of American bicycle culture, and based on the information cultivated by owner builder Curtis Inglis through many years of builder experience, from the race We are a fully custom handmade bike manufacturer that pursues geometry construction and pipe selection suitable for a wide range of genres up to fun rides.

Of course, he is also an enthusiastic cyclist who hosts the single speed championship in his hometown of Napa, and from both sides, he is searching every day to make a bike that best suits the purpose and goals of the user. He is also the best person who strives to convey the wonder of handmade motorcycles to many people by actively manufacturing semi-customs.

Called an all-terrain bike, this off-road bike frame is built on the basic idea of having fun on the trail. The head tube is oversized and the end is 135mm basic style. I think it would be good if you could feel the high quality of the handmade bike by replacing the components.

The short rear bag that Curtis himself ran on the trail of Napa and the surprisingly light weight of the kogi should prove that steel bikes will never be destroyed.


Wheel Size: 29 "
Size: Size: Top Tube / 580mm (Effective)
Seat Tube / 470mm (C-C)
Seat Angle: 73.5 deg.
Head Tube: 110mm
Head Angle: 70.0 deg.
Seat Stay: 445mm
BB Drop 40mm
Feature PF30 BB / 1-1 / 8 "Headtube / 135mm QR
Color: Color: Rosy Darts

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