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Early morning, August 24, 2014. A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck Napa, California, shaking the RetroTech Cycles workshop like maracas and requiring them to live without power for a while. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the body of his beloved Isetta was dented, and his disc cross bike, which won an award at the NAHBS that year, was pinned under a falling mill.... It is a miracle, he says, that there was no other major damage. We had ordered a die-hard Retrotec DiscCX, which he must have said "This is just a scratch..." at the time, hoping for a speedy recovery from the earthquake. My wife Mitzi, who was enjoying a bit of survival, and Curtis, who was able to get back to his daily life as soon as possible, were working hard on the frame again, and after about half a year, this is the frame that finally arrived at our hands.

Carved twin tops with scalloped paint. It has retro-tech specs and the same two-tone finish as the award-winning bike. The racing colors are a tribute to the Ferrari 250 GTO that raced at Le Mans in the 1960s. It makes one's heart beat faster.

Handmade in Napa, California


Twin Top Disc CX Frame
Size : Top Tube / 560mm (Effective)
Seat Tube / 480mm (C-C)
Seat Angle : 73.5 deg.
Head Tube : 130mm (Effective)
Head Angle : 72.5 deg.
Seat Stay : 425mm
Feature 44mm Head Tube
Color : Die Hard (Baby Blue x Red)
Price : ¥313,500(tax included) - ¥313,500(tax included) Price : ¥313,500(tax included)-

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