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A next-generation oil spray that allows you to experience the effects simply by spraying on all moving parts.

By fusing the spherical ultrafine particle titanium "RESPO Titan" manufactured by a special manufacturing method with the strong oil film formation "RESPO", it is a completely new lubricant that maintains ultra-low friction that overturns common sense for a long time.
By reducing friction on all moving parts, movement is dramatically improved and wear is prevented.

The movement changes drastically! Contains "RESPO TITAN", which is made into spherical fine particles of 21 nanometers (0.021 micron) or less by a special manufacturing method. It exerts a ball bearing effect together with viscoelastic oil and realizes ultra-low friction that overturns common sense.
Can be used for all moving parts and screw parts of bicycles Can be used with confidence for rubber and seals. I don't need grease anymore!
(Cannot be used for the brake part.)
Contains nanotechnology "RESPO TITAN". The rolling effect of the nano-spherical "RESPOTITAN" can be achieved even under high load such as when metals collide with each other.
Achieves smooth movement.

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