RESPO Chain Spray


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The ultimate chain lubrication oil spray with ultra-low friction and wear resistance.

Fully saturated hydrocarbon (patented manufacturing method) with little change in viscosity from extremely low temperature to high temperature is used for the base oil. It has excellent affinity for metal surfaces and has better permeability than petroleum-based lubricants.
The durability of chains and sprockets has been dramatically improved by the action of RESPO Titan, a spherical ultrafine particle titanium with excellent load resistance and abrasion resistance.

High penetration Very expensive "fully saturated hydrocarbon" is used for the base oil. Penetrates to the core of the chain with outstanding penetrating power. Other chain oils do not easily reach the core.
Strong oil film absolutely necessary for lubrication Contains viscoelastic oil "RESPO".
It forms a strong oil film and realizes reliable lubrication for a long period of time.
Reduce resistance to the limit Contains nanotechnology "RESPO TITAN".
21 nanometer spherical titanium exerts a ball bearing effect. Reduces frictional resistance to the utmost limit.


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