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A mountain gear brand launched by two designers who are both hikers and cyclists, with the concept of "to all hikers who love mountains and nature".RawLow Mountain Works.. Keeping in mind the initial urge to design what they want to use, each product group with the spirit of "creating only what they want to create" has their message in it.

How to transform of CHUBBY SACK from RawLow Mountain Works on Vimeo.


The long-awaited Chubby Sack has arrived.

This 7ℓ sill nylon stuff sack is simple but can be used in various ways.

Not only can it be used as a normal staff sack, but when the drawcord in the center is closed, it can be divided into two air chambers, which can be used as a wet one and a dry one, and sometimes as a shoulder bag.

If you prepare a separate belt, you can use it as a front bag for your bicycle. It can be taken out from the left and right and can be used conveniently.

The Chubby Sack is simple, but it can be transformed into various shapes depending on how it is used.

It will be a convenient item that can be widely used not only for everyday use but also for mountain climbing, bike packing, and travel.

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