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A mountain gear brand launched by two designers who are both hikers and cyclists, with the concept of "to all hikers who love mountains and nature".RawLow Mountain Works.. Keeping in mind the initial urge to design what they want to use, each product group with the spirit of "creating only what they want to create" has their message in it.


Beetle is a lightweight and compact backpack with a capacity of about 18L and 350g.

It features a size that is just right for day hikes in the back mountains and low mountains, a main compartment and out pocket that opens and closes with a zipper, and side pockets made of mesh material that make it easy to take out bottles.

Based on Dinky released last year, RAWLOW's standard material 1000 denier tough nylon is used, and it is a model that can be widely used from daily to hike with a characteristic colon shape.

The big difference from Dinky, which was developed as an attack sack, is that a wide padded shoulder harness is standard equipment.
(Note: Beetle is not packable due to the use of thick nylon)

Because it uses nylon that has elasticity and elasticity, the form comes out firmly and packing is very easy. In addition, the opening and closing part with the frame makes it easy to find the luggage inside.

Is it a little big in 28L Bambi? Exquisite size for those who feel that or who want to hike in the low mountains to the minimum. It is also recommended for wheeling rides and day touring.

Also,Beetle waist harnessNuts PackCan be installed.

If you put the waist harness and waist bag on top of each other, the straps will be doubled, which may be annoying, but in the case of Beetle, it can be used neatly.

The joint method is simple,Nuts PackJust remove the strap and attach it to the Beetle harness joint. It's a little gimmick, but it's convenient when you actually use it in the mountains.

Capacity About 18 liters
weight 350g

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