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Transform Sakosh into a camera bag.

Raw Low Mountain Works is a mountain gear brand launched by two designers who are hikers and cyclists with the concept of "to all hikers who love mountains and nature". Keeping in mind the initial urge to design what they want to use, each product group with the spirit of "creating only what they want to create" has their message in it.

TABITIBI TOTEA liner and strap kit for transforming your camera into a camera bag. 
Not only compact cameras, but also mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, DX size (Nikon), EOS Kiss series, etc. with a single focus lens can be stored. A pad of 10 mm on the bottom and 5 mm on the side is placed to protect your favorite machine from impact during mountain climbing. In addition, TABITIBI TOTE itself is resistant to water, so it can handle sudden changes in mountain weather (* It is not completely waterproof).
By replacing it with a 30mm wide strap, the weight of the camera itself reduces the burden on the shoulder.

The attached nylon bag can be used as a sacoche as it is. 


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