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This quad-lock Uniersal Fit V2 bike kit comes with everything you need.
This adapter can be attached to various devices such as iPhones, smartphones other than Galaxy, mobile phones, and small cameras. Choose this if you don't want to use a dedicated Quad Lock case, or if you want to attach a device that doesn't have a dedicated case to your Quad Lock bike mount. Use with strong double-sided tape 3M VHB.
Once installed, it is extremely strong, so it is recommended to firmly determine the ground plane in advance.

When installing the bike mount, choose either an O-ring or a tie wrap. O-rings can withstand long periods of vibration, but tie wraps are sturdy enough to withstand a load of approximately 80 kg.

By jointing smartphones, you will not miss messages and tweets, and it is a thing of the past that you miss important calls without noticing them. When you come across a wonderful view, you can easily remove it with one touch and you will not miss a photo opportunity.

* In order to attach this universal adapter most strongly, it is recommended to attach it to a flat metal or glass material.
It can be used for other materials such as plastic, but it may not be applied with the ideal strength, so check the mounting surface and adhesive strength in advance before using it.

* Once used, the adapter cannot be reused, so please purchase a new one.


Package contents
--Universal Adapter: A stick-on type adapter that is compatible with all Quad Lock mounts.
--Bike Mount: Can be attached to both the stem and handlebars, especially for those with a diameter of 25-40mm.
--Mounting O-rings 2 large and 2 small: Two types of UV-resistant O-rings, large and small, are included according to the pipe diameter. If you have a large tube diameter, choose a large O-ring.
--Two tie wraps: With this cable tie, you can use it for larger tube sizes.

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