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The Quad Lock Universal Adapter V2 is perfect for those using smartphones or other devices that are neither iPhone nor Galaxy.
Named "V2", this latest version has a wider adhesive area and a slightly curved edge design for even stronger attachment to the device.

In addition, the thickness is only 4.5 mm. It is thin enough not to make you feel the existence.

It comes with strong double-sided tape 3M VHB and can be freely attached to various devices such as existing cases and small cameras.
Once installed, it is extremely strong, so it is recommended to firmly determine the ground plane in advance.

The Quad Lock dual lock system is compatible with a variety of parts such as car mounts, bike mounts and running armbands.

* In order to attach this universal adapter most strongly, it is recommended to attach it to a flat metal or glass material.
It can be used for other materials such as plastic, but it may not be applied with the ideal strength, so check the mounting surface and adhesive strength in advance before using it.
* Once used, the adapter cannot be reused, so please purchase a new one.

Not all case devices can be fitted.

Package contents
- 1 Universal Adapter: A stick-on adapter that is compatible with all Quad Lock mounts.
--Cleaner: A cleaner to clean the adhesive surface before pasting.

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