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The quad-lock bike kit is specially designed with a polycarbonate cover that features a clean silhouette, a matte feel and robust safety in the unlikely event of an impact. Choose either an O-ring or a tie wrap to mount the bike mount wherever you like. O-rings can withstand long periods of vibration, but tie wraps are sturdy enough to withstand a load of approximately 80 kg.

When running through the earth covered with mud and dust, please attach the attached rain cover.

Take full advantage of your iPhone to track your fitness with apps like Strava and easily navigate the city with Apple Maps and Google Maps. It's a thing of the past that you never miss a message or tweet and miss an important call without noticing it. When you come across a wonderful view, you can easily remove it with one touch and you will not miss a photo opportunity.

It also supports wireless charging. Just place it on the charging mat with the Quad Lock case attached.


Package contents
--TPU / Polycarbonate Case: A slim protective case compatible with all Quad Lock mounts.
--Bike Mount: Can be attached to both the stem and handlebars, especially for those with a diameter of 25-40mm.
--Mounting O-rings 2 large and 2 small: Two types of UV-resistant O-rings, large and small, are included according to the pipe diameter. If you have a large tube diameter, choose a large O-ring.
--Two tie wraps: With this cable tie, you can use it for larger tube sizes.
--Rain Poncho: A poncho that protects your iPhone from rain, dust, sweat and mud.

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