PROBLEM SOLVERS Sheldon Fender Nut Sets


SIZE: Front: 13mm / Rear: 10mm
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From Minnesota, PROBLEM SOLVERS's Sheldon Fender Nut Sets that shape our "I wish I had". An extension brake nut that is convenient when attaching the fender to a road bike. Two nuts are set, 13mm or 32mm for the front fork (the part that goes into the fork) and 10mm (the part that goes into the frame) for the frame. When the standard brake nut is removed and installed, the back of the bolt is threaded so that the fender mount bolt can be installed.

In addition to attaching the fender, it can also be used as an adapter to attach the light mount to the front rack or rear carrier, and it is an item that can be used in various ways depending on the device.

Note: It cannot be installed on forks that require longer or thinner brake nuts, such as those made by REYNOLDS.

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