PHIL WOOD High Flange Front Track Hub

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It is a high flange truck hub of "PHIL WOOD" that produces high quality parts that can be used safely for a lifetime in San Jose, California since 1971.

Track hubs have earned the tremendous trust of riders around the world, from professional track athletes to hard-working messengers.

Made from the highest quality American 6061 aluminum alloy, the hub shell boasts the highest level of robustness, rigidity and durability.

This part, which is the most loaded and continuously rotating on a bicycle, requires the utmost peace of mind, and we continue to pursue durability that is maintenance-free, never breaks, and keeps rotating cleanly.

Not only durability and rotation performance, but above all, a beautiful finish decorates your feet beautifully.

Phil Wood is the best hub that has been born for many years.



Overlock nut dimensions: 100mm
Front only

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