PHIL WOOD 1-1/8" Headset

SIZE: 1-1/8"
COLOR: Black
In stock


Phil Wood was founded in San Jose, California in 1971. 

The hubs made by the company use a beautifully precise hub shell and high precision bearings that have been subjected to skilled CNC processing, and have gained tremendous support as tough and smooth hubs.
And Phil Wood puts a lot of effort into chemicals, and has a trust in our mechanic team.Waterproof greaseIs used by various shops and teams.

Finally, a headset using bearings that is filled with such waterproof grease and boasts high precision and high sealing performance and long-term rotation performance is now on sale.
The Philwood headset, which has been on the market after 10 years of development, is durable and maintenance-free, with no deterioration in performance under harsh conditions. In addition, the anodized beautiful color and low-claimed logo also support their confidence in the product.

Material: Aluminum
Color: Silver, Gun Metal, Black, Purple, Green

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