PHIL WOOD 1-1 / 8 "Headset

SIZE: 1-1/8"
COLOR: Purple

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Phil Wood was founded in San Jose, California in 1971. 

The hub made by the company uses a beautiful and highly accurate hub shell and high precision bearings made by skilled CNC processing, and has gained tremendous support as a tough and smooth rotating hub.
And Phil Wood is also focusing on chemicals and is trusted by our mechanic team.Waterproof greaseIs used by various shops and teams.

A headset that uses bearings filled with such waterproof grease, which boasts high precision, high sealing performance, and long-term maintenance of rotational performance, has finally been released.
After a decade of development, Philwood headsets are maintenance-free and durable, with no degradation in performance under harsh conditions. The beautiful colors of alumite and the less-claimed logo also support their confidence in their products.

Material: Aluminum
Color: Silver, Gun Metal, Black, Purple, Green

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