PHIL WOOD Pro High Flange Track Hub Rear

Hole: 32H / 片切りFIXED
色: Silver
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PRO spec hubs that pursue rotational performance and light weight

PHIL WOOD track hubs are trusted by riders around the world, from professional track athletes to hard working messengers. Made of the highest quality American 6061 aluminum alloy, the hub shells boast the highest rigidity and durability.

PHIL WOOD believes that "of all bicycle parts, the hub is the most heavily loaded and continuously rotating part, so it needs the utmost peace of mind" and produces hubs that are maintenance free and durable enough to keep turning cleanly and without breaking.

Among the hubs produced based on this concept, the "Pro " is a product that particularly pursues rotational performance and light weight. The hub shell has been stripped down, and the titanium bolts and aluminum lock rings have been replaced with new ones, and other parts have been updated to be worthy of the "Pro" name.

This product is for the rear, so the front version is available here.
The rear FIXED version comes with a lock ring.



Overlock nut dimensions : Rear 120mm
Bearing : Carbonite bearing (Classic bearing for normal model)
Bolt : Titanium (Normal model is stainless steel)
Front end cap & washer : Aluminum (Normal model is stainless steel)
Front axle : Aluminum (same as regular model)
Rear end cap & washer: Stainless steel (same as normal model)
Rear axle: Aluminum (stainless steel for standard model)
Lock ring: Aluminum (stainless steel for standard model)
Weight: Rear single cut FIXED 270g ( Normal model 379g) ,Rear double cut FIXED 306g (Normal model 417g)

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