PEMBREE D2A Platform Pedal


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PEMBREE, which has just started as a company, is a manufacturer based in East Sussex, a land facing the sea in the southeast of England.

They have two goals
Design and manufacture durable, well-designed mountain bike components
-Challenge a more sustainable and ethical approach in the mountain bike industry.

Purchasing PEMBREE products will improve your lifestyle and activities, reduce the burden on the natural environment that is essential for MTB, and reach out to the people of the world who need it. There is no change.


The PEMBREE D2A is a pedal that balances traction, strength and weight.
Designed and manufactured by PEMBREE in the United Kingdom, which has the strictest environmental standards in the manufacturing process.
The traction pins and stainless steel spindles designed by Pembrey are manufactured by Precision Products in the United Kingdom, but their strength is aerospace certified.
And the bearings are premium bearings from IGUS and schaeffler in Germany.
Rotation, of course, brings high strength.
These two elements combine with PEMBREE's beautiful aluminum cutting body for an unparalleled grip.

Pedal body

The 3D concave tread is non-slip and has good mud removal, minimizing troubles.


The stainless steel spindle is resistant to corrosion and wear and supports long-term rotation.

Traction pin

Pins made by CNC lathe processing can be easily replaced even if they are damaged.


Equipped with IGUS shield bearings and needle bearings.
In addition, the bearings have a special sealing to minimize the frequency of maintenance.


Material: Spindle Stainless Steel 
Pedal body aluminum 
Traction pin stainless steel 
End cap aluminum 
Inner bearing IGUS JSM
Outer bearing Shield ball bearing 
Traction pin: 10 on each side 

Body size: 100mm x 110mm x 15mm
Weight: 446g 
Warranty period: 5 years, bearing 2 years

Passed TRI-TEST® GR for freeride and downhill bikes

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