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From the fact that it fully supports the MTB team (which is also quite hardcore!) That is thrilling now, such as Santa Cruz Syndicate and 50/01, you can see that it is a brand that loves to ride a motorcycle.
Director Steve Peate is a genuine rider who has climbed the World Cup podium many times.
PEATY'S collaborates with members of professional riders, mechanics, scientists, designers and engineers to create simple and easy-to-use products to increase your riding time.

Leave the cleaning of the parts to us.

A cleaner developed by professionals who played an active part in the World Cup of mountain bikes for high-tech bikes and their parts.

Peaty's LoamFoam is a professional biodegradable cleaner that is as refreshing as mint, not only stain resistant, but also safe to use on any bike part including carbon, brake pads and disc rotors.

LoamFoam's unique cleanser is blended with organic gelling agents to allow active cleansing ingredients to stay on your bike longer. As a result, you can get a shiny bike with minimal effort.

When you open the cap of the nozzle part, it will be in mist mode.

When the cap is closed, it will be in foaming mode.

* Unfortunately, we do not ship this product to avoid troubles during transportation.

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