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From the fact that it fully supports the MTB team (which is also quite hardcore!) That is thrilling now, such as Santa Cruz Syndicate and 50/01, you can see that it is a brand that loves to ride a motorcycle.
Director Steve Peate is a genuine rider who has climbed the World Cup podium many times.
PEATY'S collaborates with members of professional riders, mechanics, scientists, designers and engineers to create simple and easy-to-use products to increase your riding time.

Chain lube active in all rounds

Peaty's Link LubeIs an ultra-fast chain oil that can be used in any condition.
The unique two-layered chain lube penetrates deep into the chain, expelling moisture, dust and dirt.
It is then filled with a unique blend of oils and waxes to provide lubrication and protection.
In other words, it cleans the chain as you use it.

Base lube and secret sauce

If you leave the bottle of Linklube for a while, you'll see the transparent base lube on top and the mysterious blue secret sauce slowly falling to the bottom of the bottle.
This is an important feature to make it available in any weather.

Secret sauce

This secret sauce is a combination of oil and wax and is usually found only in either wet or dry lubes.
Through the efforts of PEATY'S, we succeeded in blending these ingredients into a single Super Lube.
This Super Lube can protect your chain for extended periods of time in wet environments and keep it clean in dry and dusty environments.

Base lube

Clearbase Lube is a rust-preventive, quick-penetrating, water-repellent oil that can be shaken with a secret sauce to reach every corner of the chain.
When you reach deep into the chain link, the base oil drives out moisture, gravel and dirt, leaving behind a special source to reduce friction, reduce vibration and reduce drivetrain noise.

The first time you use LinkLube on a used drivetrain, the chain can quickly turn black. This is because the link lube pushes out the dirt hidden in the chain.


Contents: 60ml


Continue degreasing and reapplying and the chain will be really clean again in a few rides!

* Unfortunately, we do not ship this product to avoid troubles during transportation.

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