PDW Takeout Basket

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 Based in Portland, where motorcycle culture is rooted, PORTLAND DESIGN WORKS (commonly known as PDW) continues to produce products centered on motorcycle accessories."Take out Basket".

A basket that can be firmly and easily attached to the handle.

The set includes a basket and a bag that uses a special tarpaulin fabric inside. A feeling of size that is just right for a little shopping.

A U-shaped lock holder can be attached to the front of the basket, and a light mount can be attached to the left side.

Not only flat bars but also drop handles are supported, so how about customizing around the handles?

It can be attached to a motorcycle with suspension because it is only attached to the steering wheel !!


Compatible handle diameter: 25.4 to 31.8 mm Compatible with handles (including drop handles)
Weight: 500g (excluding bag)
Inside basket dimensions: 155mm x 255mm x 105mm


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