PAPERSKY Sandal Sock


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Socks in collaboration with the casual line "MHL" of the British brand "Margaret Howell" and PAPER SKY. The body uses a blended yarn of cotton and linen to achieve a natural texture and a dry and gentle comfort.

By combining 100% cotton pile fabric on the sole of the foot, it maintains excellent water absorption and cushioning properties, and the heel, which is easily loaded, has a durable structure that does not easily puncture. In addition, the ankle has a mountain-shaped rib switch inspired by army socks to improve the fit. For the finish, we use light blue cotton thread, which is the brand color of PAPERSKY, and tie both feet together by hand knotting one by one.

The entire process is handled at a long-established sock factory in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture. Please enjoy a walk while feeling the four seasons by wearing these socks carefully made and completed by skilled craftsmen.


Material: Cotton 72%, Linen 18%, Nylon 9%, Polyurethane 1%
Size: Men Free (25cm) / Women Free (22cm)

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