PAPERSKY No.59 Taiwan

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In-flight magazine read on the ground "Travel lifestyle magazine that travels the world from Japan with the concept ofPAPERSKY.. Interested in people and the places behind them, introduce the nature, culture, people's lifestyles of various countries and cities, and the beauty of Japan as seen from the "inside" and "outside", and enrich the journey. Tells the story to do.



TAIWAN | Hike & Bike issue

This special feature is Taiwan, a country that was once called "Formosa = Beautiful Island" in Portuguese. The travel navigator is Akira Natsume of the outdoor manufacturer "Mountains and Roads", which makes lightweight mountain tools based in Kamakura. With Natsume, walk the mountains in the north, which is easily accessible from Taipei, ride a bicycle along the beautiful coastline in the east, and take a trip around Taiwan with "HIKE & BIKE". Introducing the new charm of Taiwan while bathing in the energy of a powerful island.

■ Akira Natsume Profile Representative of the outdoor manufacturer "Mountains and Roads", which makes the world's lightest class mountain tools. While working in the world of art and publishing until his mid-30s, he was deeply devoted to the world of mountains and ultra-light hiking, and in 2011 he founded "Mountains and Roads" as a couple. In 2016, in collaboration with PLANT Lab, opened "Yamashokuon" in Kyoto. In 2017, he started a project "HIKE / LIFE / COMMUNITY" that connects Haik, Life, and the community, and is also engaged in activities to expand Haik culture, such as holding talk events all over the country.


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