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"In-flight magazine read on the ground"Travel lifestyle magazine that travels the world from Japan with the concept ofPAPERSKY.. Interested in people and the places behind them, introduce the nature, culture, people's lifestyles of various countries and cities, and the beauty of Japan as seen from the "inside" and "outside", and enrich the journey. Tells the story to do.




1200 years ago, Kobo Daishi was also fascinated by the sea, mountains, and sky7 days of walking pilgrimage to 88 places on Shodoshima, walking with Lucas B.B.

Shodoshima is located in the Seto Inland Sea and is blessed with abundant nature and culture. There is a pilgrimage road that was opened as a sacred place related to Kobo Daishi. Like the Shikoku Pilgrimage, this is a pilgrimage road with 88 temples, mountains, and valleys. Traveling on such a sacred road is Lucas, the editor-in-chief of this magazine, who loves walking on the road. Introducing a trip to experience the pilgrimage culture of Shodoshima, which was built by our predecessors, around the sacred sites on the island with the people who live wonderfully on Shodoshima.


■ Table of contents

Shodoshima Ohenro Hike A 1200-year trip from the sea to the mountains Photography: Hideaki Hamada / Shodoshima Hike 1200 years ago, Kobo Daishi was also fascinated by the sea, mountains, and sky, and walked with Lucas BB, 88 places on Shodoshima. 7 days of Photography: Hideaki Hamada Text: Ryoko Kuraishi / Kit for Ohenro Travelers Modern pilgrimage goods / How to Ohenro in Shodoshima Tips for visiting Shodoshima Sacred Ground / 1 / Papersky Book Store Book introduction to enjoy the Shodoshima special feature more / 2 / Papersky Soundtrack Shodoshima soundtrack while reading Papersky ♪ / Travel To Your Mind Paperback Thinking Travel Text: Seiko Ito, Akiko Otake, Shinichiro Nakahara / Papersky Interview Hideki Toyoshima Creator Hideki Toyoshima / Life Knowledge vol.38 Future Wisdom Photography & Text: Naoki Ishikawa / Jomon Field Work vol.17 Fragment of the Sage Photography & Text: Nao Tsuda / Old Japanese Highways vol.2 Fujiko Trail globe walker, Japanese old road vol.2 Fuji Michi Photography: Yasuyuki Takagi Text: Ryoko Kuraishi / Meet the Monks Take a break with the priest during a short walk on the pilgrimage Photography: Hideaki Hamada Text: Ryoko Kuraishi / Island Inspiration, Koga Hirano Every day is a good day. Shodoshima's days facing letters Photography: Hideaki Hamada Text: Ryoko Kuraishi / Shodoshima Curry from Scratch Enjoy a special island curry Photography: Tomoko Makiura Text: Ryoko Kuraishi / Tour de Nippon in Gunma A trip to rediscover the charm of Japan Gunma / Stussy Livin '× Saito Wood “Time is Money” Wall Clock / PAPERSKY Clubs / Bicycle / Mountain / Book / Food / Japan

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