PAPERSKY Light Towel & Scarf


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PAPERSKY × MOKU light towel. Although it is thin and light, it has excellent absorption and quick-drying properties, and it is soft and fluffy, so it is a versatile towel that can be used in various situations in daily life. You can wrap it around your neck as a scarf when you're sweating or after taking a bath, or when it's cold, or when you're gardening or working in the fields, you can "warm".

MOKU towels are dyed from the top of the fabric woven using yarn dyed yarn, and the neps (fiber knots) that can be seen here and there create a natural texture.

"Contex Kontex", which develops the MOKU series, is a towel brand founded in 1934. We are working on the highest quality Imabari towels made by our own manufacturing method in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture.

Size: 33cm x 100cm

Material: cotton 100%

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