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"FREDRIK PACKERS" x "PAPER SKY Tour de Nippon" original wheel bag. Made of lightweight ripstop nylon, it is a wheeled packing set with excellent portability and bicycle covering operation. We have a wide range of highly functional accessories such as wheel keepers and frame straps. The width of the storage pouch can be adjusted, so even if you snap the bag quickly, you can easily store it without stress. It can also be used as a tool case that can store tools such as wrenches. In the center of the cover, there is also an embroidery with the Tour de Japan logo. Travel your favorite motorcycle to the land you visit for the first time. Have a casual and enjoyable bicycle trip!

The wheel bag that can be stored with the front wheels removed is compatible with bikes of various wheel sizes, from small wheel bikes to road bikes.

Handling method

・ Remove the front wheel and fix it to the bicycle frame in 3 places. Set the tire at the desired position, pass the stopper through the ring at the tip of the rubber string, and tighten it.

-Attach the strap with buckle to the triangular part under the seat post and the top tube. Then adjust the length of the strap. By allocating the attachment position, the force is dispersed and it becomes easier to hold.

・ Cover with a storage bag. You can easily put the bicycle on while it is standing. After covering, pull the lower strap to fit the bike properly.


* Bike Traveler Kit Bag is a large size because it is easy to put a bicycle in and it is also intended for use other than electric wheel lines. The rules for bringing in bicycles differ depending on each public transportation system, but please check the regulations of each transportation company you plan to use in advance, and then squeeze the bag and store it so that it fits within the regulations.

Weight: 400g (Bag, Strap, Wheel Keeper included)
Material: Ripstop Nylon
Size: W31.8cm x D15.2cm x H24cm

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