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Pacenti Cycle Design has two faces, a frame builder and a bike designer.Made the world's first 27.5 inch wheel size mountain bike Kirk Pacenti is a brand founded in 2001 by Kirk Pacenti.

Kirk has now left the brand for his own new challenges, but under the new owner, the brand's ideology hasn't changed since then, not a bike company or parts company, but a cyclist company. They claim to be, and they are constantly building new things for the best ride.

The road hub for rim brakes, which weighs only 85g, can be assembled with aluminum rims to produce lightweight wheels. Of the same paceBrevet rimIt is also noteworthy that the silver hub is compatible with it and is now decreasing.

The hub handled by Passenti is from Bitex, which has high durability and long life.
The bearings are made by TPI, which handles high quality bearings in Taiwan.


Weight: 85g
O.L.D .: 100mm
* Quick release is not included

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