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ORALPEACE Outdoor Adventure toothpaste Is made of naturally derived ingredients with "Neo Nisin-e® *"An outdoor toothpaste gel.

You can clean your mouth even in a field without water, and this one will eliminate discomfort and keep your mouth feeling refreshed. It is also useful as a moisturizer in the mouth in highlands and dry areas. Since it is made of only naturally derived ingredients, it can be easily cared for without water, and even if it is spit out in beautiful nature such as trails and waterside, it will be biodegraded and will not leave footprints in the environment.

Compatible with winter mountains that do not freeze even below -20 ° C. A super mint toothpaste gel that can be used in any outdoor scene. It is a double-concentrated * type that realizes weight reduction of gears, and is an eco-package specification that aims to minimize the use of plastic in consideration of light weight and protection of the global environment.

Contents: 55g

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