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The OMATA One is a state-of-the-art cycling computer with a modern mechanism for converting patented digital information to analog.

It converts sensor data such as GPS into precise movements like an analog clock and displays them. That is, when you move, the OMATA One dial moves. It is a completely new cycling computer that allows you to intuitively feel the speed and distance by watching the movement of the dial.

Just as you can feel the physical strength of your feet, heart, lungs, etc. by stepping on the pedals, the dial of the OMATA One will move in response as the wheels start to rotate. Until now, digital displays have been the norm for these cycling gadgets.The analog display is fresh, but it's actually more intuitive with the ride.

 It displays five data: speed, distance, altitude, time, and battery level, and future firmware updates will also allow you to capture and record data such as power, heart rate, and cadence from the ANT + sensor.

Also,IOS app called OMATA utility appAllows you to download your ride data and easily share it to Strava.


size  Diameter: 62.7mm / Thickness: 17.2,mm (20.5mm including mount)
weight 79g
Bezel material Polyacetal
housing Plastic cast + 6063 aluminum
GPS 72-channel GPS / SBAS / QZSS / GLONASS / BeiDou
Data storage 4GB
Display data

--Speed (in kilometers): 0-120 KPH

--Distance: 1 rotation = 100km

--Altitude: 1 rotation = 4,000m

--Boarding time (Hours)

Battery life 17 hours
Charging + data transmission
USB-C cable (included)
OMATA Utility App from the iOS App Store
accessories Body,instruction manual, USB-C cable, K-EDGE 31.8mm handle mount

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