NITTO RM-017 Albastache Bar


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The Albastache Bar, designed by Rivendell, is an improved version of NITTO's Mustache H'bar, but it has a similar name because it was strongly designed by the Albatross bar.

Compared to the original NITTO Mustache handlebar

――Approximately 6 cm wider
――The curve is about 2.5 cm
--Drop (the degree of curve drop) has been reduced by 2.5 cm.
--The grip is back about 6 cm

Like the Mustache Bar, it uses a 23.8mm bar (drop bar, brake, lever, clamp). Mountain bike brake levers and shifters generally have a clamp diameter of 22.2mm and cannot be used with this bar.

The original Mustache Bar has a 26.0mm stem clamp, but this Albastache Bar has a 25.4mm.

It is an all-round bar suitable for road riding and touring, but it is more upright than a normal drop bar and realizes a good position when climbing better.



Width: 555mm
Clamp diameter: 25.4mm
Handle diameter: 23.8mm
Bar end inner diameter: Approximately 20 mm
Material: Aluminum

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