NITTO Big Back Rack 34F


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"RIVENDELL" from San Francisco is a front rack "BIG FRONT RACK 34F" bespoke to the long-established Japanese manufacturer "NITTO".

A full-scale rack designed for high durability using extremely sturdy Nitto chromoly tube.The unique truss structure with one diagonal reinforcement for each step is a tough finish. The wide top plate makes it possible to stably load large luggage such as sleeping bags and tents.

The dull glowing dull plating is not gorgeous, but with such a color that tightens your bike astringentlyNitto's craftsmanship can be glimpsed from the beautiful welding marks, and it will entertain us with our eyes.

RIVENDELL's masterpiece rack that strongly feels the commitment and aesthetics of bicyclesPlease by all means for long-distance touring and bike camp companions.

Designed by Rivendell

* Mounting bands and bolts are included.



Compatible with 26-inch to 650B and 700c rigid frames with rack mounts.
Maximum loading weight: Approximately 13.5 kg
Color: Dull plating


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