NITTO Laid Back Seat Post


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In the era when freestyle BMX was predominant, each brand released it, but the perfect circle of the bent part could not be kept, and the pipe gradually bent while using it due to insufficient strength. It is also true that there were many low-priced items. Meanwhile, LAID BACK SEAT POST produced by NITTO realizes beautiful bending that keeps a perfect circle by a unique manufacturing method. Thanks to that, the seatpost boasts a beautiful curve and high strength, and has gained tremendous support from riders.

This seatpost is based on the seatpost at that time, and we asked "NITTO" to change the pipe thickness to increase the strength, and the beautiful curve at that time has been achieved with even higher strength.

It is recommended not only for vintage BMX but also for customizing the latest retro style BMX.


Color: CP (plating) 
Size: Φ22.2mm 
Weight: 476g 

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