NITTO Craft2


SIZE: CP / 110mm
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The CRAFT2 was made in the past (I don't know the age, but it's probably 70's), and it seems to be an evolution of the JAGUAR stem that many people are still looking for.

It's not just an easy reproduction, but it can be seen from the specs that the first part has a fillet finish and an emblem (almost the same as the emblem that came with JAGUAR).

Although the quill stem is inferior to the current mainstream ahead system in terms of rigidity and weight reduction, it has the advantages of being able to perform sensuous positioning in millimeters, having a simple structure, and therefore being smart in appearance.
However, I think NITTO, which can make serious quill stems in this era, is a great parts maker.

■ Chromoly
   Tig fillet welding
■ Protrusion / 80-120mm
         10mm jump
■ Bar clamp diameter /φ25.4
■ Post diameter /φ22.2
■ Angle / 72 °
■ Weight / 370-390g
■ Color / Silver (plating)

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