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This B135AA SSB handle is an update of the world-famous NITTO classic Land Noor Bar B135 to modern specifications. Keeping the basic shapes such as reach (105mm), drop (120mm), and raised shoulders (7mm up), the clamp diameter has been expanded to the modern standard size of 31.8mm and Heat Treated. It is manufactured by changing to a material (with increased strength).

The V-shaped handle and the aero lever go very well together, and the smooth rise of the shoulders makes it possible to hold the aero lever with the shoulders and elbows relaxed. Also, the reach is as long as 120mm, but it doesn't feel too far due to the effect of raising the shoulders, and the length of the reach makes it very easy to hold the upper part. A perfect gem for cyclists who prefer long distances in a relaxed position.

Made in Japan

* The drop part of the new model has been changed to a satin finish with shots. The 420mm is a polished specification with the previous finish, but as soon as it is out of stock, it will be changed to the new shot silver specification.

Please note that you cannot specify the finish at the time of purchase.



Width: 390mm, 420mm, 450mm (C-C)
Stem clamp 31.8 mm
Drop: 120mm
Reach 105mm
Material: Aluminum

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