MUNIEQ Tetra Drip

Material: stainless

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Highly portable coffee dripper

 Tetra Drip is a coffee dripper developed with the concept of achieving a high level of compatibility by focusing on the three functions of "portability," "stability," and "deliciousness."

With a minimal design dripper made by combining three boardsIt features high rigidity created by the triangular pyramid structure.

The coffee you drink outside is delicious anyway. Coffee time will be the best time to accompany camping touring and mountain climbing.

-Commercially available conical paper filters can be used as they are.

・ Capacity: S /1-2 cup, L / 1-3 cup
・ Weight: S (01 / 25g, 02 / 45g), P (01 / 12g, 02 / 25g)
-Material: P / polypropylene, S / stainless steel

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