MKS Toe Clip Steel with Leather


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Mikashima Industrial / MKS pedals that have been making pedals since 1949. It is still the only manufacturer that is particular about production in Japan. We carry out consistent production in-house from forging and pressing to cutting, heat treatment, barrel polishing, welding, and assembly, and we are the only manufacturer in Japan that has received NJS certification, and NJS certified products are hand-built one by one. I will.

It is a manufacturer that supports the feet of many cyclists regardless of their use, from commuter bikes to touring bikes, truck bikes and road bikes.


Iron toe clip with skin

  • Hand-sewn toe clips with leather for protection around the shoes
  • Iron / chrome plating

* Please note that skinned products are not NJS certified products.

Size / SS, S, M, L, LL

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