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The wallet to be minimal is
At the same time, it is a wallet that makes you want to go play.

MINIMALIGHT, which designs outdoor materials with the concept of "drawing the maximum lightness and ease of use from the minimum elements," was designed with the aim of being the smallest and most convenient wallet. It is a wallet.

Using X-Pac, which is waterproof, tear-resistant, and lightweight, as a material, this model is a card-sized wallet that can hold all your coins and bills. Since it has an opening, it is not completely waterproof, but it can be said that it is enough for a sub wallet to play outdoors.

A coin purse attached to the outside in consideration of access, and a loop that can be easily found in luggage by hooking it on a key chain or carabiner are unique ideas derived from mountain play. The card corresponds to 1 to 10 cards.

A new color of olive has arrived! 



Material: X-Pac
Color: Black, Navy, White, Red, Gray, Olive

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