MAXI 800ml Titanium Water Bottle


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Maxi started in 2015. It is a brand that was born with the purpose of introducing excellent titanium products and improving the outdoor experience and lifestyle. Produced in a factory with more than 20 years of experience in titanium product manufacturing, we provide the highest quality products.


High-purity grade 1 titanium.
There is no coating on the inside or outside.
The cap has a heat-resistant silicone ring, the mouth of the bottle is wide, and ice and snow can be easily put in.
It can be placed on an open flame, but in that case, use it above without closing the lid.

Since this titanium bottle can be placed on an open flame, you don't need to bring a pot to boil water when you want to drink cup noodles or coffee lightly during a day hike. In addition, titanium does not emit odors or harmful substances like aluminum, and is much lighter than stainless steel. It is the best bottle for those who want to make it lighter.

Size: 220mm x 75mm
Weight: 150g
Capacity: 800ml
AttachedProduct: Duck pattern bag

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