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A book in which a genuine Nagoya native guides you to his favorite foods, not specialties

Mikiyasu Kato, the representative of the "Great Nagoya Tours Executive Committee," which conducts programs and city walking tours to experience Nagoya's culture and city attractions, was born and raised in Nagoya.

As a "Nagoya native", I would like to create a guidebook that will not be a guidebook of Nagoya's "specialties" but a compilation of our "favorite foods"," he says. "As a 'Nagoya child,' I want to convey the history and culture of the city and the kind of people who are active in it, which are not often covered in travel magazines or local information magazines. In this age of exploring information on the Internet, I thought I would like to have a guidebook where people can actually visit and enjoy discovering things."

LOVER'S NAGOYA was born from such an opportunity. The concept is to compile in one book information on an area within walking distance from a station to the next station, asking people who work, play, and live in the area about their "favorite foods," thoroughly interviewing and editing them, and planning to publish one book every six months, twice a year.

Size: B6/32 pages/all color


The first volume will be "Fushimi/Marunouchi Edition!

The second volume will be "Nagoya/International Center"!

The third volume is "Tsurumai/Kamimaezu"!

We look forward to working with you over the next five years on this long-term project!

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