LIGHTLOAD TOWELS Extra Strength Towel

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LIGHTLOAD TOWELS is environmentally friendly
Made from lyocell from sustainable wood and plant scrap.
It has excellent breathability, antibacterial properties, and hypoallergenicity, and is soft and sponge-like, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
Absorption rate of 9.5 times or more of the body weight
As a towel for daily use, as a bandage for first aid, when sweating, as a potholder, as an ignition agent, etc.
There are various uses.
In addition, you can bring it to hiking, trail running, hot springs, etc., or as disaster prevention equipment.
Light Road original towels are not recommended for washing in the washing machine,
Extra Strength Towels can be used in the washing machine without any problems.
However, fabric softener cannot be used.


LIGHTLOAD Extra Strength Towel 10g Size of 1 towel Weight: 10g Width: 2.8cm Height: 1.7cm When using: Approximately 30x30cm Color: Black

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