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KNOG PWR Modular Model S

Battery, head, and mount can be freely combined in a modular system

The long-awaited modular type of the new "PWR (Power)" series.
In addition to being just a high-power bicycle light, the Power Bank also functions as a mobile battery for charging devices such as smartphones and cycle computers. It can also be used for outdoor goods (speakers, lanterns, head torches, etC) that will appear in the futurE

The modular design allows for customization by combining it with an even higher power headlight or power bank (sold separately).
By connecting to the dedicated "Mode Maker" PC software, you can also program the brightness and runtime to your liking.

An elliptical beam lens pattern is used for wider and brighter forward illumination. Clear visibility is achieved.
The light head features a twist switch for on/off or mode change by twisting the light head, and a smart battery indicator with four red LEDs on the top of the light to show you the charge level in real timE
The light comes with side mounts that can be smartly mounted on the top or bottom of the stem for a clean look around the handlebars. The side mounts can be mounted on the top and bottom of the stem for a clean and organized look around the handlebars.

Mounting Diameter 22.2mm (with included shim),31.8mm
600 Lumens
Power Bank 3,350 mAh

Installation Diameter 22.2mm (with included shim),31.8mm
Luminosity 1000 Lumens
Power Bank
5,000 mAh


Mounting Diameter 22.2mm (with included shim),31.8mm
Luminosity 2000 Lumens
Power Bank
10,000 mAh
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