KNOG Blinder Front Rear Set

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Styled safety
With the power of design, you can change a product that you do not want to use because it is boring to a product that you want to use coolly, and as a result, improve safety.
That is the safety proposal that KNOG opens up.

A new LED light is born from such KNOG.
Third generation Blinder "The Blinder".
It features a large LED surface. Furthermore, it is a model with complete waterproofing.

The most unique thing is to use LEDs to bring out various patterns.
Please choose your favorite model from all 4 types.


The Blinder

Lighting time

Front 200LUMEN ・ Rear 100LUMEN

Light output

MAX 2.5h ECO FLASH 55h (common to front / rear)



Light pattern 

8 types (9 types for SKULL only)

Waterproof performance
 100% waterproof

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