KLYMIT Intertia X Frame

COLOR: Yellow

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Climit is one of the few manufacturers that can carry out outdoor products from planning to production. We plan and design products that meet diverse demands by approaching them from various angles using the latest technology.

I want many people to enjoy outdoor activities. Such thoughts are now leading the industry as a benchmark for sleeping pads.

 Intertia X Frame258gA lightweight sleeping mat.Boldly hollowed out mats aren't just for light weight. A normal mat is used by pulling it under the sleeping bag, but this mat is used by putting it in the sleeping bag. By doing so, the boldly hollowed out part (loft pocket) is nowThe back part of the sleeping bag that has been crushed until it swells firmly, and you can keep even higher heat retention on the back side.

In addition, it can be inflated with a few breaths and is included.Fine adjustment with a pump. Although it is lightweight, it is made of a high-strength material of 75 denier, so you can use it with confidence. Light and compact Intertia X Frame will come in handy for camping touring and mountain companions who want to make it as light as possible.


size: 180 cm x 45 cm x 3.8 cm
Pack size: 12.7 cm x 22.8 cm
weight: 258g (by staff sack)
accessories: Pumps, staff sack, repair kit
Color: yellow

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