KING CAGE Universal Support Bolt


SIZE: 1-1 / 8 "(28.6mm)

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This USB (Unversal Support Bolt) is a gem that solves the difficult problems that many long travelers have had for a long time with high versatility. The bikes owned by all cyclists who have a desire to go on a journey are not all thought-provoking for long travel like Surly's ECR. This gadget, like the wizard's wand that appeared there, can add extra eyelet dowels to many car models, enabling more loading capacity. Made of stainless steel, it has high corrosion resistance and does not easily loosen even on long journeys. Each piece of ingenuity is handmade in Durango, Colorado.

Weight: ave.10g
Size: 35mm / 44.4mm / 50.8mm / 57.1mm (maximum diameter)
Made of stainless steel
* Sold in units of one.

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